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My passion for photography started when I was 14 years old when I took classes in photography and art history at high school. In 2014, I completed a four year programme in professional photography at the Minshar art school in Tel Aviv.
My current foci are laid on the artistic portrayal of every day situations in surreal contexts, such as individuals going for a walk in the sea, taking bathes fully dressed, or elderly women resembling images of virgin Mary.
An important aspect of my diverse work is the usage of different kinds of photographic techniques and devices. By showing and utilizing different shades of grain, color, texture and contrast the fantastic elements of the chosen themes and sceneries are emphasized. Here the positioning of average humans in non-average situations allows a direct and shocking comparison between real and surreal life, and testing the limits of conceptual photography and natural or staged human behavior.
I see fashion and fashion photography as art which encompasses and mirrors a multitude of human philosophic and artistic passions. This aspect combines and brings together the world of regular fashion photography and my foci on the portrayal of humans (and their outfits) in surreal and “edgy” contexts.
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